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        Summer graduation marshal: Leaders should engage

        July 28, 2021 By Troy Turner

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        Lindsey Erin Fish standing at work with GE Appliances

        Lindsey Erin Fish represents the Harbert College of Business and Auburn University in a role with responsibility that will not stop when handed her diploma. Leadership is a role she expects to continue throughout her promising professional career. 

        There is nothing shy about Lindsey Erin Fish when it comes to putting her leadership skills to work, and that is one reason why a reputable company such as GE Appliances already is investing in the star senior who is serving as graduation marshal for the summer Class of 2021.

        “I hate the awkward silence when no one wants to say anything, so I speak up and say something,” she said in a conversation about leadership, which is one of the qualities she most aspires to when it comes to talking business.

        Lindsey is representing her class, the Harbert College of Business and Auburn University in a role with responsibility that she says will not stop when handed a diploma on Aug. 7. Rather, leadership is a role she expects to continue throughout her promising professional career.

        Being prepared, being willing to speak when a voice is needed, and being willing to engage others all are important, she said.

        “There’s an appreciation of engagement, and it also goes back to being a leader. I’ve always thought of myself as a leader, in sports and otherwise, and I want to take this experience and take that to the next level.”

        Megan Sumners, program champion for management at Harbert, nominated Lindsey after having her as a student in one of her classes.

        Summer Graduation Marshal Lindsey Erin Fish

        Fish credits her leadership skills to professional development courses and engagements with guest speakers and Auburn alumni.

        “My Professional Development course in fall 2020 was held in a hybrid modality where most students were participating live on Zoom and some students were attending in person,” Sumners said. “Lindsey was such a tremendous help in ensuring the virtual students had an equitable learning experience.

        “She voluntarily took on a Zoom moderator role and was never shy to speak up and let me know if there were technology issues. I really don’t think I could have navigated that semester with so many students without her help.

        “There are so many amazing students, but Lindsey really made an impact with me last year.”

        Sumners also thinks the senior’s flexibility makes her more marketable, something of which other students should take note.

        “I think it is awesome that Lindsey was unafraid to apply for internships outside of her comfort zone. Her degree will be in management and human resources, but she took a supply chain internship this summer,” Sumners said. “Her ability to connect with others and her well-rounded business knowledge will launch her career.”

        Companies such as GE Appliances notice such things, and Lindsey said she appreciates that.

        “I want to leverage all of those relationships and experiences that I have had at Auburn to be a great representative of the university,” she said, calling the honor of being selected summer graduation marshal as “really humbling.”


        She already has several goals in mind.

        “After graduation, I most likely will stay with GE Appliances,” she said. She is working now at the company’s Louisville, Kentucky, plant and expects to be on rotation with its facility in Decatur, near her home in Madison County.

        Whatever she does, she expects to have a hands-on, sleeves-up role working with others.

        “I’m a management major with a minor in HR, and I went to the supply-chain field,” she laughed and said of her work diversity. “Instead of being behind a desk, I’d rather be on the floor and seeing what the people need.”

        Longer-range goals include being an HR director, plant manager, and/or owning her own business.

        And whichever route Lindsey ends up taking, she says she always will attribute much of her success to a good start at Harbert.

        “Harbert has been nothing but a blessing. Everybody there has been so willing to help,” she said, also sharing appreciation for the many guest speakers she heard on campus, including Auburn alumni. “It was very empowering to listen to leaders talk, because they have so much to offer.

        “It’s what the creed says: ’I believe in Auburn… and love it!’

        “It’s a wonderful place.”