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        Students, Supply Chain Management

        Senior in Supply Chain Management to serve as Harbert graduation marshal

        April 28, 2021 By Joe McAdory

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        "If I could go back in time, I would pick the Harbert College of Business and supply chain management every time.” — Aahil Makhani, Harbert College Graduation Marshal

        The Harbert College is committed to developing graduates who are highly-skilled, professonally prepared, confident, ethical and globally-minded.

        Aahil Makhani learned the principles of hard work by helping his father at the family gas station in the northern Birmingham, Alabama, suburb of Irondale. He learned business lessons, for sure. But most of all, he learned a business’ greatest commodity isn’t necessarily the product it sold. It’s people.

        sc“Your employers, suppliers … everyone you deal with in your day-to-day career,” he said. “They have stories and experiences you have no idea about. Knowing this, why would you not choose to be kind and understanding as often as possible? Everybody is out here trying to do the best for themselves and their families. Why not add a little kindness to the world?”

        Makhani, a senior in Supply Chain Management at the Harbert College of Business, continued to serve people on campus, working tirelessly through a variety of volunteer organizations, including as a tutor through Auburn University Academic Support, Camp War Eagle Parent Counselor for First Year Experience, and as Coordinator of the Auburn University Organizations Board.

        “I’ve always said that my ideal career is to be a professional best friend,” he said. “I genuinely enjoy seeing those around me succeed and enjoy helping them in their efforts. This is driven by my desire to create a better world through my actions, which pushed me to get involved on campus.”

        Makhani, who has already accepted a position as an Operations Manager at Target, will serve as the college’s graduation marshal for the Saturday, May 1, graduation at Jordan-Hare Stadium. He credited his time at the college and its Supply Chain Management program for grooming his professional endeavors.

        “Harbert College’s Supply Chain Management program offers a rigorous curriculum delivered by excellent professors who show they truly care about students as people, combined with a required professional experience to apply what we have learned in the classroom,” he said. “Unlike other schools, Auburn introduces students to all aspects of the supply chain rather than limiting instruction to a certain aspect of it, but still allows students to specialize in an area that appeals to them through the elective options.

        “This has best prepared me for my career by giving me a top-down look at all aspects of the supply chain and of business as a whole. My education provided me with a deeper insight into how the supply chain functions as a part of business in conjunction with the rest of the value chain. If I could go back in time, I would pick the Harbert College of Business and supply chain management every time.”