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        The HarbertPodcast series premieres

        October 16, 2020 By Harbert College of Business

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        HarbertPodcast, a new initiative from Auburn University’s Harbert College of Business, seeks to inspire business and encourage the success of the next generation of business leaders. The series draws on the skill and experience of Harbert alumni and faculty to offer varied perspectives on building careers and successful business enterprises.

        Six podcasts are available for immediate access. Topics include insight for graduating students and young business professionals, the latest developments in new business methods and real-world application of best practices. Other podcasts are in development and will be added to the library as they are produced. 

        Featured speakers include:


        Ashley Ahner

        * Ashley Ahner, co-founder and CEO of Dream Catalyst Company, offers her insights on building a company that helps individuals build businesses and fulfill their visions.



        Meredith MacLean Bradford

        * Meredith MacLean Bradford, director of continuous improvement at Maersk, discusses the challenges of regularly reinventing oneself as often as every 18 months and the importance of building effective teams.




        Keisha Dzata

        * Keisha Dzata, a supply chain finance manager at Home Depot, discusses the importance of hearing other voices in the workplace and the value of internships.



        Laura Glenn

        * Laura Glenn, a director of investment advisory services for Public Trust Advisors in Atlanta, Ga., shares her insights on financial trends and the value of networking.



        Larry Patrick

        * Larry Patrick, partner and healthcare provider operations competency lead at PricewaterhouseCoopers, discusses the importance of understanding different viewpoints and focusing on doing a few things well.



        Kyle Tothill

        * Kyle Tothill, who has launched five successful businesses, including four professional service companies and one software firm, shares his views on the challenges of entrepreneurism and the need to build networks.

        HarbertPodcast is produced by the college’s Media Production Group, and hosted by Sarah Gascon, CEO of ESCAPE Therapy, who holds a PhD from Auburn, and fellow entrepreneur Currie Dyess.  

        “Harbert alums possess a wealth of knowledge and experience,” Gascon said. “The HarbertPodcast series provides a unique value to the Auburn Family and beyond, one that only the Harbert College of Business can offer.”

        What can one expect to learn? Business sense. Common sense. Advice for students and advice for young entrepreneurs. Take Larry Patrick’s advice, for example: “I will always say that 90 percent, if not 100 percent of individuals graduating now, over the life of their career are going to have to reinvent themselves.”

        For this, and more, visit or go to Spotify or Apple Podcasts to listen to the initial episodes. Subscribe to our e-mail list for notifications of upcoming new episodes. Feedback on the podcasts is welcome, and we encourage suggestions for future topics or interviewees.