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        The Harbert College of Business opens doors for many alumni

        September 20, 2021 By Lizz Edelstein

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        Left to right: Auburn alumni Abigail Pitts, John Ashley and Nick Muchow

        Abigail Pitts and Nick Muchow share what it's like to be alumni from the Harbert College of Business.

        “The ‘Auburn Family’ is a very real thing. Everyone takes care and looks out for each other here.” —Abigail Pitts


        The Harbert College is dedicated to developing graduates who are highly skilled, professionally prepared, confident, ethical and globally minded.

        Imagine, once again, you are enrolling at Auburn University for the first time. The possibilities are endless. You have an idea of what you want to do, but you know one thing is certain: a business degree from the Harbert College of Business will open the most doors. For Abigail Pitts and Nick Muchow, a management degree gave them the opportunity to explore their options as business leaders.

        Abigail Pitts“I chose Business Management because I knew that I could go into any industry with that degree,” said Pitts. “I love to lead others and organize events and groups, so I wanted to gain more knowledge on how to be an effective leader in a business environment.”

        Pursuing a management degree allowed Pitts to attend networking events like the career fair where she was able to land an internship with International Paper.

        Pitts wasn’t the only one to intern for International Paper, though. Muchow, who heard of the opportunity through a Professional Development course with Megan Sumners, credits this opportunity as being an eye-opening experience that taught him to be more creative and think outside the box.

        “When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was take over my family business, but I think Harbert did a really good job of opening other doors for me,” said Muchow. “Maybe one day that could be an option, but right now, I’m very thankful for where I am and what the future could hold.”

        Pitts and Muchow both express gratitude for the opportunity to be able to intern at International Paper. In addition, they claim that being from Auburn, and more specifically the Harbert College, can have its perks during the job search.

        Nick Muchow“I think a lot of companies are finding value from Harbert,” said Muchow. “I feel like there’s a good bit of success that’s come out of Harbert.

        “At least with IP (International Paper), I know it’s a real focus of ours to keep recruiting there and try to find more talent. That just goes to show that Harbert does an incredible job with developing their students to become more well-rounded individuals and preparing them to enter the workforce.”

        The Harbert College of Business is dedicated to producing sought-after alumni, and it shows.

        “Anytime we have an alumnus doing well in their field, that only helps our students and reputation of the college,” said Emma Johnson, director of alumni and community relations.

        “The alumni are a vital part of the Auburn Family, and I know I can reach out to anyone from Harbert for advice or guidance,” said Pitts. “I am confident that all alumni want the best for Auburn students, so they will help you grow and develop in your professional career.”

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