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        Academic Advising, Supply Chain Management

        New to Supply Chain? Start Here

        June 16, 2022 By Alex Ritenbaugh

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        Are you a new SCMN major and wondering where you get started? Read this post and let's get to know each other.

        Academic Advising 

        As a supply chain management student, your academic advisor is a key player in your success in this program. Your advisor helps you map out your courses, can get you connected with different resources on campus, and will answer any curriculum questions you may have. You can make an appointment with your academic advisor through Advise Assist (in AUaccess).

        Internship Search

        All supply chain management students are required to complete an internship for academic credit. You'll be invited to a pre-internship Canvas course once you declare the major so be on the lookout for that invitation in your email. The Canvas course has all of the materials and resources you'll need to successfully complete your internship. If you have questions, please reach out to Mrs. Joshlyn Bess, Internship and Profession Experience Coordinator. 

        New Major Orientation

        All new majors are required to attend an orientation session within one semester of declaring the major. You'll receive an email with an invitation to attend. You can also find the dates for upcoming orientation sessions on Handshake. Just search for "supply chain new major orientation". 

        Career Development 

        Alex Ritenbaugh is your program champion and will help you with any and all career-related questions. You'll meet her during new major orientation and will also see her as your instructor for SCMN 3810. 

        We are glad you're here and can't wait to meet you!