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        IRS-Criminal Investigation Job Opportunity

        July 7, 2021 By Jane Robison

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        Internal Revenue Services | Criminal Investigation 

        Criminal Investigation is the investigative and law enforcement arm of the IRS. The American system of voluntary tax compliance relies heavily on self-assessments of what tax is owed. When individuals or corporations deliberately don’t comply with the tax laws, Criminal Investigation responds with financial investigations and potential criminal prosecutions to promote compliance and confidence in the fairness of the tax system.

        IRS-CI | Special Agent 

        Special Agents (SAs) are duly sworn federal law enforcement officers throughout all 50 states and US territories including special agent attachés located in 11 countries. SAs are known for their financial investigative expertise in areas, such as, tax fraud, public corruption, cybercrimes, narcotics, terrorism, and much more. Today’s sophisticated schemes demand the analytical ability of financial investigators to trace transactions through complex financial records.

        As a Special Agent, you will:  Benefits
        • Investigate violations of Federal tax laws
        • Obtain and analyze complex financial evidence
        • Conduct surveillance, dignitary protection, and undercover operations
        • Execute search and arrest warrants 
        • Identify and seize property used in, or acquired through, illegal activities
        • Testify and assist the U.S. Attorney during trial  
        • Competitive Salaries 
        • 11 Paid Holidays 
        • 13 Vacation Days 
        • Sick Leave 
        • Flexible Locations 
        • Health & Life Insurance 
        • Federal Law Enforcement Retirement 
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        *Opportunity Closes July 20th*