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        Undergraduate Academic Advising

        Internal Transfer Guide

        If you’re an Auburn University student who wants to transfer over to the Harbert College of Business, consult this guide for more information.

        • How to transfer into the Harbert College of Business

          Retrieve your academic file and a transfer form from your current academic advisor. Bring both of these items to the Office of Academic Advising at 147 Lowder Hall.

          You will be able to schedule an advising session with your business academic advisor within two business days of initiating the transfer.

        • When to transfer

          You can transfer into the Harbert College at any time. The Office of Academic Advising in 147 Lowder Hall is open Monday through Friday, 7:45 AM–11:45 AM and 12:45 PM–4:45 PM (subject to change).

        • Course transfer rules

          Review the following transfer rules to determine if coursework you have already taken will satisfy Harbert College requirements:

          • MATH 1610 or 1617 will satisfy the Harbert College MATH 1680 requirement.
          • Any transferred STAT course will satisfy the Harbert College BUAL 2600 requirement.
          • You may not receive credit for more than 4 hours of PHED courses.
          • If you’re pursuing a major in the Harbert College, you cannot receive credit for ACCT 2810, MNGT 3810, MKTG 3810, or FINC 3810.
        • Course requirements for each major
          • If you've earned less than 30 credit hours when transferring into the Harbert College, you'll enter as a pre-business major and follow the Pre-Business Curriculum.
          • If you've earned 30 or more credit hours when transferring into the Harbert College, you may either
          • enter as a pre-business major or
          • enter directly into one of the 4-year majors (Accountancy, Business Administration, Business Analytics, Information Systems Management, Finance, Marketing, Management, and Supply Chain Management) and follow the curriculum model for that major.
        • How to plan your courses before official acceptance into the Harbert College

          You should plan your courses based on the appropriate curriculum model, prerequisites, and course descriptions listed in the AU Bulletin.

          1. Print your appropriate curriculum model
          2. Check off any courses you've already completed or are completing in the curriculum model
          3. Review the AU Bulletin for prerequisite information on the remaining unchecked courses (“Pr.” stands for prerequisite)

          You won't be able to register for business courses on AU Access until you're officially transferred into the Harbert College. You must wait until the end of the registration period, then request seating in your desired business courses. You can make requests through the appropriate departmental offices in Lowder Hall.


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